The Beginning of The Strong She

When There is So Much Yet So Little.

“Never remain Isometric”

— Dr. Lee E. Brown

As women in a STEM field, specifically exercise physiology and strength & conditioning, it became very apparent that there was a lack of representation in our field from women. This lack of representation isn’t new, and the nature of the field will likely result in the continuation of the trend. It is also clear that there was a need for an outlet for science-based knowledge from educated, professional women. There are plenty of blogs, websites, youtube channels, and podcasts hosted by very knowledgeable men in our field, but just as in research, the women’s perspective on these hot topics and issues wasn’t duly represented. As two Assistant Professors who teach and conduct research in the areas of human performance, we felt that it was time to be a source of clearly conveyed content that was applicable to an inclusive audience.

Here at the Strong She PhD, we will be hosting a monthly podcast focusing on a range of topics related to Health, Fitness, and Work-Life Balance. We will have guests who represent innovators in their field of expertise ranging from occupational and physical therapy, nutrition, to applied performance coaching. We will also feature bi-monthly infographics covering newly published peer-reviewed research topics related to fitness & nutrition programming. Finally, we will eventually be offering programming templates specific to: strength & conditioning, aerobic performance, speed & agility training, pregnancy & post-partum exercise.

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